Current Projects

Current Projects

Development Consultant, Zimbabwe Policy Information Centre (ZimPIC)

I am currently working with the Centre for Applied Social Science at the University of Zimbabwe on the development of a digital library project. ZimPIC is a publicly accessible, open-access database that will maximise opportunities for information sharing, create dialogue between Zimbabwean policymakers and researchers, and to reach a broader audience through partnerships with civil society organisations.

Cataloging and Digitizaiton Consultant (Volunteer), Zambian Heritage Library

The Zambian Heritage Library is a digitization and preservation project of Lubuto Library Partners. Through this project, we are partnering with libraries worldwide to preserve out-of-print materials, digitizing, cataloging, and making accessible fiction and non-fiction books from Zambia, most of which are in local languages. We are currently partnering with FENZA in Zambia to digitize vulnerable materials in their collection.

Collection Manager, Economic Policy Resource Centre

This digital open-access repository makes available collections of economic policy resources. Visit the Economic Policy Resource Centre Community below to find research resource collections bringing together previously disparate materials on all aspects of economic policy in Southern Africa. The EPRC was founded by SAIPAR in 2013 with the Zambian Economic Policy Collection. It has recently gained the AFRODAD Collection – to be live soon!